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We Service All Bike Brands

We’ll keep your bike in tip-top shape. Our skilled technicians service all types of bicycles. From a wheel true to a major overhaul, we do it all.

We also offer a professional fit service to get you precisely dialed on your machine. Feel free to send us an email to schedule an appointment.

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We want you to know that we’re just like you: we love to ride bikes and we want you to do the same. Santa Maria is a great city and every day it becomes a better place to ride. Come check out Cycle Star and you’ll discover just what we mean when we say: Ride Life Ride Giant



Needs A Little Love

Airing up the tires, lubing chain, minor adjustments, nut and bolt check. A great bike check only!

Needs A Little More Love

Includes front and rear derailleur adjustment, wheel true (on-bike). Nut and bolt check, minor adjustments, airing the tires and lubing the chain. Good for commuters, weekend riders, prep for century.

Needs A Whole Lot of Love

Everything above plus a complete cable and housing replacement. Includes full wipe down of the bicycle. Best value!

Needs All The Love We Can Give It

Tune-up of all tune-ups! Bicycle will be stripped completely down to the frame. The frame is polished and all components are cleaned individually, then reassembled with a heavy grease barrier in all the proper places. New cables and housing installed and installed to proper specifications. Great for active road cyclist and competing mountain biker.


Wheel true


Packing of bicycle


Flat (just wheel brought in)


Flat (bike brought in)




Bottom bracket


Cassette Swap






Rear rack


ATB handlebar


Road handlebar




Parts not included in labor Additional services available